Advanced Physical Therapy 
Through PEMF Technology
Portable, wearable and personal, Actipatch is available in several different models, all delivering the same low level  RF signal that is capable of producing a significant physiological response when properly applied.

The ActiPatch technology is used in two other brands: Allay Therapy for menstrual cramps and pelvic pain, and HealFast Therapy for horses, dogs, cats and exotics.

At this time all orders are to be made over the phone.

Ground shipping included on
orders of $30.00 or more

Priority shipping available.

Allay Menstrual Therapy

Same as the Quick Relief Loop, this unit is inserted in a soft pouch suitable for this specific use. Single use device with 170 hours of treatment.

Price : $15.00

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Crescent Patch

Crescent shape antenna embedded in a   2.9 x 1.1 inch wafer-thin foam.  For smaller body parts, small wounds or small dogs and cats.  Multiple use device with on/off tab.  Up to 500 hours of treatment.     2 crescent patches cover an area slightly larger than one square patch.

Price :  $15.00
Square Patch

Fixed shape antenna embedded in a 3.5x3.5 inch wafer thin foam. 500 to 720 hours of treatment. Multiple use device with on/off tab.

Price : $40.00
12 cm Flex Loop

Oval loop shapeable flexible antenna.  500 to 720 hours of treatment.  Multiple use device with on/off tab. The ideal model for hoof/foot treatments. 
Price : $40.00
12cm Quick Relief Loop

​12cm long oval loop-shape antenna that is somewhat less flexible than the  Flex Loop. Module is thinner.  Single use device (no on/off) with 170 hours of treatment.   The minimal cost way to try out this technology.

Price : $15.00
PetPatch Loop 

Multiple use device with push button integrated on/off switch.   Designed for 720 hours of treatment.

Price : $30.00