Advanced Physical Therapy 
Through PEMF Technology
About ActiPatch & HealFast PEMF Therapy

All Actipatch and HealFast models consist of a 3V button battery and computer chip (the module) and a loop antenna. All models deliver the same Radio Frequency (RF) signal. Some models have an on/off function and  a battery life of up to 720 hours.  Other models do not have the on/off function (once turned on the device operates nonstop until battery is drained) and have batteries with a shorter life of  170 hours.  Models also differ in size of area within the loop antenna, which dictates the size and shape of the electromagnetic field . 
Actipatch and HealFast are targeted PEMF therapy devices: The antenna has to be positioned over the injured tissue or source of pain for the treatment to be effective. The signal brings about a localized reaction, not a whole body reaction.     As the RF signal penetrates the tissues by a process of induction (not conduction) the interaction of the electromagnetic fields creates a minute pulsed electrical current in the tissue that spreads out in an eddy form.  The natural wave pattern is similar to that formed by a drop of water on a pond as illustrated to the right.

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The device may be affixed to the skin. No skin preparation is required and the patient (or animal) does not perceive any sensation other than that of light skin contact. Since the signal penetrates the tissues by induction, skin contact is NOT required. The signal will penetrate through bandages, clothing, braces, even cast. The paramount requirements are for the antenna to be placed directly over the injured tissue, and for the module to be positioned in a manner that will minimize stress on the 2 points where the fine antenna connects to the computer chip.

Actipatch PEMF is very safe and without known side effects. People with pacemakers should not use it over the chest or midback area. Women who are pregnant should not use it over the lower abdomen or low back area. Actipatch is not a sterile device. If used over an open wound – place a sterile dressing over wound first.   For a person with either multiple injuries or an injured area that is larger than the area covered by a single antenna – it is acceptable to use more than one unit simultaneously.

Actipatch can be easily applied to any body contour. See the separate “How to use” section for more details. A minimum of 6-8 hours of treatment is recommended, but Actipatch may be left on overnight or even for 24 hours. With prolonged use it is recommended to periodically check the unit to make sure the little red light is still on; that there is no skin reaction to the medical tape being used, and that the unit has not shifted away from the designated location. Actipatch can be worn to work, travel, recreation, and even non-contact sports. It can also be worn to bed. The device has to be removed prior to showering or bathing. 

This is the cleanest, safest and most effective form of pain management.  Just watching the TV commercials for all the new pain medications and their risks and side effects makes you want to stay away from those.  Weak signal PEMF also has several advantages over other therapeutic wave forms (such as laser, infrared light and ultrasound) found on the ElectroMagnetic Spectrum. 

While it is the ideal home-based pain treatment, proper therapy and rehabilitation may still be required for regaining optimal function.

Indications for Use

Because it is non-ionizing and non-thermal, Actipatch PEMF is safe use on fresh injuries. The sooner it is applied to the injury – the better the result.  Sports injuries,  work related injuries, chronic conditions, accidents,  surgery or other acute episodes - weak signal PEMF blends  nicely and seamlessly into the overal treatment plan. It does not interfere with any medications being taken reguarly for other conditions. 

It is a personal, light, wearable, user-friendly and very cost effective drug-free alternative for the control of swelling, pain and inflammation. Be advised that the fast reduction in swelling and pain following a traumatic injury should not be misconstrued as a complete healing of the injury. Consult a health professional prior to resuming normal activity!

Indications for which Actipatch PEMF is approved around the world include:

  • All musculoskeletal injuries
  • Peripheral nerve injuries (speeds up nerve regeneration)
  • Various types of Arthritis (described as “disease modifying”; prolonged use is required instead of anti-inflammatory meds)
  • Various types of neuropathic pain
  • Wounds, incisions, hemaetomas, skin flaps and stitches.
  • Post surgical pain modulation (applied in OR over sterile dressing)
  • Menstrual cramps and other pelvic pain
  • Injuries requiring angiogenesis (proliferation of new small blood vessels)
  • Some localized infections

If you are not a health care professional - please email or call for a free brief consult.  The FDA has cleared ActiPatch as class III device for the reduction of  edema  and pain following blepharoplasty.   A  prescription or a consultation is required before  ActiPatch  can be shipped for use on humans.

* NEWS BULLETIN: The FDA just granted Actipatch an over-the-counter (OTC) clearance for the treatment of knee osteoarthritis 
   and of plantar fasciitis (Jan. 2017)

Encourage your doctor or other health care provider to look at our scientific references and call for more information.

Actipatch PEMF is so portable and inexpensive that it makes sense to have one at home or in the car, just in case the need arises.  

                                           IT ALSO MAKES A CARING PRACTICAL GIFT .