Advanced Physical Therapy 
Through PEMF Technology

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The RecoveryRx has made a world of difference in post-op pain control in my patients. We apply RecoveryRx to all abdominoplasty patients. The difference in pain control is amazing.
Kimberly B.C. Goh, MD, FACS Myrtle Beach, SC

I have suffered with heel pain for several years. I have tried therapy, cortisone shots, and surgery. Nothing ever helped the pain. I tried the Actipatch and was immediately relieved of the pain I have been living with for years. Actipatch is an amazing device.
Cathy Clarke

Having spent thousands of countless hours sitting in horse stalls applying microcurrent therapies that demand constant supervision - HealFast was like a dream-come-true.  The best part is that you can apply it and walk away.  The HealFast patch is easy to apply and is well-tolerated by the horse.  We have had very positive success with the HealFast patch, especially in treating suspensory desmitis. The suspensory ligament is the bane of the cowhorse. Even very sound horses often have suspensory ligaments that palpate sore due to the amount of necessary pre competition loping and the hard lateral moves during performance.  The HealFast patch is an easy and cost-effective way for trainers to manage these sore suspensory ligaments when they wrap the  horse's legs at night. We recommend the HealFast patch to prevent and treat performance horse injuries.

Lindsey Creed; Equine Therapist at Santa Lucia Farm
Santa Ynez,  CA

My meds were not providing me relief, so I decided to try the Allay. Within an hour of applying the Allay patch my pain went from 8/10 to 2/10.
Connie Escullera, Washington, DC

The Allay device is a natural extension of the use of Actipatch technology. Actipatch has been very helpful in reducing discomfort from facial and body plastic surgery in my practice. Knowing the positive benefits of low frequency pulsed electromagnetic fields after invasive surgery, applying it to the problem of menstrual discomfort is a logical and no-risk extension of those benefits. It is easy to wear, well accepted by the patient, and has no downside. It is a non-drug anti-inflammatory therapy that is immediately reversible and affordable. While it will not eliminate the menstrual pain in every patient, it will clearly be of benefit to many women.
Dr. Barry Eppley, plastic surgeon Indianapolis, IN

I have noted that the patients who are using RecoveryRx for breast surgery report to have either no pain or only minimal pain in the post-op phase 1 and phase 2 areas of recovery.
Tara Reed, RN

I have been bothered by severe menstrual cramping all my life and have used about everything available over-the-counter…… Nothing really works……and it can be a week of misery. I tried the Allay patch, and while it did not eliminate all my discomfort, it made my typical week of misery much better. This is the best thing I have found yet and it does not involve taking any drugs!
Charlene,  Lafayette Indiana

The remarkable thing is that the nurses who work in recovery can tell which patients are using the RecoveryRx and which are not, by the level of discomfort and the amount of pain medication that they have to administer.
David Whiteman, MD, FRCS

I have been using the HealFast patch on myself for several years now. It seems like I constantly injure or strain different body parts while riding or working with my horses. I use the 4x4 patch with the velcro dot on it. the dot adheres to my clothing so wearing the patch is simple. When I am not wearing one, I use it on my horses. It fits nicely under a neoprene splint boot for  leg tendon areas.
There is a noticeable increase in the rate of healing and lessening of pain.

Debby Sanguinetti, RDH
Farmington, CA

Patients who use RecoveryRx seem very comfortable and ask for less pain medication even through phase 2 of recovery.
Darlene Stone, RN

The idea of wearing a patch to help my menstrual cramps initially seemed far-fetched. How could something on the outside work on the inside? But I trust Dr. Eppley as my plastic surgeon and he suggested I give it a try. After all, what did I have to lose? And it was not a drug. To my surprise, I had the most comfortable week that I have had in months. I shall definitely use it again next month. It is easy to use and wear.
Rhonda Columbus, Indiana

I had surgery on one of my fingers to repair the damage caused by trauma (from a horse kick) and a week after surgery the doctor was concerned as the finger did not look good due to poor circulation. I was talking to a fellow horse trainer who was telling me about the HealFast PEMF patch she was getting from Menachem Stein, PT, to treat injured horses. I consulted with Menachem and when my doctor approved I ordered 2 units that fit just right over my injured finger, over the bandaging. By the time I started wearing the HealFast unit the finger started to turn black and the doctor told me we have to consider partial amputation of the finger. I wore the unit 10-12 hours per day, even went through airport security with it on. Seven weeks after my injury I underwent another procedure to remove dead tissue and we were all surprised to see the good blood supply underneath it. The surgeon did a skin graft and I continued to wear the HealFast unit. Today I have a fully functional, decent-looking finger, which is pretty important for a horse trainer. I fully believe that it was the PEMF unit that saved my finger.
Lyn Anderson, Madera, CA

HealFast PEMF patches have been a substantial adjunctive therapy in our equestrian practice. To be able to leave continuous treatment with clients after their adjustments has improved healing time and increased functionality dramatically. As chiropractors working with and for veterinarians on internationally competitive athletes, both human and equine (primarily jumpers), saving down time and shaving thousands of seconds off in performance is crucial. The HEALFAST PEMF patch has provided a combination of pain relief and facilitated healing that has become an intrinsic part of our DC/DVM protocol.
Wendy S. Coren, DC Wellington, FL

I use RecoveryRx on every facial procedure. It reduced my patients’ bruising and swelling by 50% following Blepharoplasty, face lifts and Rhinoplasty. As a result of RecoveryRx two weeks of standard surgical recovery have been reduced to 5-7 days.
Laurie Casas, MD; FACS Feinberg School of Medicine

I have successfully used HealFast Therapy for soft tissue injuries both on my horses and on a shoulder injury I sustained in December of 2009. The relief I got from using HealFast Therapy on my shoulder was remarkable. Having personally experienced the results, I was confident I could use it with success on my performance horses. During lengthy horse shows I have found HealFast Therapy to be extremely effective in managing both acute and chronic injuries with the convenience of a treatment that is self-sufficient.
Hayden Upton,  Weatherford, TX

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