Advanced Physical Therapy 
Through PEMF Technology
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​For the clinician, PEMF refers to the interaction between endogenous EMFs and exogenous, time varying EMFs and the resultant biological responses.  This website and the products described, as well as the vast majority of published lab and clinical research are centered around weak signal/low frequency therapy devices for  soft tissue injuries.  The signal in bone growth stimulators, which have already been embraced by the medical comunity for the treatment of non-union fractures, has different parameters than the signal(s) being used for soft tissue injuries.  In he future, it is conceivable that specific signal parameters will be assigned as optimal for different types of cells or tissues, but at this stage it appears as if a range of signal parameters (by different devices) is capable of effectively producing beneficial effects.  It is not unreasonable to consider exogenous PEMF as a source of signaling information  rather than a source of energy.  Can PEMF therapy control molecular biology ?

Induced weak pulsed electromagnetic fields by a 27.12 MHz  radio frequency signal pulsed at  1000 cps (1 KHz) are capable of safely and effectively modulating molecular, cellular and tissue physiological response during stages of growth and repair.  At 10 cm of tissue depth the signal is still 6-9 times greater than the NIH established minimal energy level required for producing a biological response.

Please refer to the review paper by B. Strauch MD in the References page: A clear description of the effect of this weak signal  PEMF on Calcium binding with Calmodulin as the leading step in this signal's transduction pathway resulting in local  production of  either endothelial or neuronal Nitric Oxide Synthase followed by anti-inflammatory effect of Nitric Oxide.   Another Nitric Oxide cascade influences cGMP production with the resultant upregulation of several growth factors relevant to  stage of repair.      Cytokines such as  IL-1beta are actually downregulated by weak signal PEMF.  In cases where PRP or IRAP procedure are not an option, or until they can be implementd, this targeted PEMF therapy device offers an immediate, safe, economical and effective treatment option.

Other papers included in the References page shed more light on the versatility, efficacy and safety of low level PEMF,  which is also being referred to in more recent publications as pulsed radio frequency energy - PRFE.  Frequency may be a source of confusion: The carrier wave of 27.12 MHz is indeed a high frequency, but the rate at which this signal is pulsed (1 KHz at 10% duty cycle) is considered low frequency.  Frequency is an importnt factor in determining depth of penetration. As a general rule, lower freuencies allow for deeper penetration.

Healing of wounds, from surgical incision to diabetic ulcers, appears to be greatly enahnced by PEMF both in terms of time to healing and in repaired tissue characterisitics.  Management of various types of arthritis - both for pain reduction and disease modification - is another promising clinical area of application.   There are several reoprts of satisfactory management of angina in patients with myocardial disease for whom other treatments have failed to produce the desired effect. There are also reports on the effect of  weak signal PEMF on cardiospheres post acute MI, pointing in the direction of regeneration rather than angiogenesis in the myocardium.

These devices are so small that it makes it very practical to keep a few in your car, briefcase, desk drawer, vetpak, even your jacket.

If you are a team physician, ATC or physio working with athletes, Actipatch offers major advantages: It can be applied as soon as the injured athlete comes off the field. Let weak signal PEMF therapy work while the team is on the coach/plane, or when the injured athletes are otherwise not near the treatment room.  You do have to educate the athletes as to proper use of Actipatch - a small investment for a solid return coupled with productive time/resource management.


For those of you curious about the magnetic flux density of Actipatch or HealFast,  it is  0.01 Gauss or  1 microTesla.


Please call for information on RecoveryRx models and special clinician prices.

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